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There is much debate about the future of the nursing and midwifery workforce as we move towards 2030. This debate centres on the roles and responsibilities, models of education and care that are needed to address global health inequality and sustainability.

Early in 2018, the Australian and New Zealand Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery (CDNM) conceived an idea to bring together interested parties to debate, explore and understand the issues that academia and the profession need to consider as we move towards 2030. This coincided with the launch of the Nursing Now Campaign, which in collaboration with the WHO and ICN, aims to raise the status and profile of nursing.

More recently the commitment to develop a National Australian Nurse Strategy make these discussions ever important, as we seek to inform the future development of the professions.

In order to future proof and empower our professions, this symposium will explore the following themes:

Who is the nurse or midwife of the future?
Understanding the knowledge, skills and attributes needed for practice.

What approaches and models of education are needed to prepare nurses and midwives for the future?
How should we educate the nurse or midwife of the future?
What models of education will be needed to ensure professional responsiveness?

How will we enable professionalism?
What is the purpose of professionalism in nursing and midwifery?
How do we educate for professionalism?
What types of environments enable professionalism?

Where are the transition points and how do we negotiate these?
Transition to university, the transition to work, the transition to leadership, transition within specialities.
The symposium will bring together nursing and midwifery leaders, managers, clinicians, academics and researchers engaged in education, regulation and practice.

At the conclusion of the symposium, we anticipate the production of a set of white papers, which will inform the CDNM strategic direction.

The organising committee appreciates your patience and support following the postponement of the planned 2021 symposium due to COVID-19. Please know that whilst we acknowledge that it is possible that the program may look different from the original, we promise to keep you updated every step of the way and can guarantee that we are committed to presenting you with an outstanding event in accordance with all government regulations.

On behalf of the CDNM, we value your participation in the symposium and look forward to seeing you on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Please be aware that you must be fully vaccinated to attend the CDNM symposium. For further information and updates on travel to Queensland, please visit



Prof Tracey Moroney OAM
Symposium Chair
Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery

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